Why Left-Handers Should Play Guitar Right-Handed

10% of the population is left-handed. So why aren’t there more left-handed guitars? In this video Cam talks about all the reasons why left-handed people may actually be better off learning guitar, ukulele, bass, banjo and other stringed instruments right handed.

This is useful information if you or your child is left-handed and wanting to learn the guitar or other stringed instrument. Watch before you start scouring the country for a left-handed instrument!

1 thought on “Why Left-Handers Should Play Guitar Right-Handed”

  1. Came to to check your Saturday opening hours and got sucked into checking out this wee video. Great work! I’m not left-handed, but I can appreciate how hard it must be for L/H guitarists to find decent guitars to choose from. This just seems like sensible advice to me, plus it’s a cool wee video. Nice one!

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