Digitech Vocalist Live Harmony Pedal

Quick demo of the amazing Vocalist Live Harmony pedal. This thing will loop guitar and vocals and provide backing harmonies – male or female (heaps of variations of each), 1 part, 2 parts, a third, a fifth or an octave up or down. It provides guitar effects, vocal effects – you can double your own voice and add delays, reverbs, flangers, all sorts. Phantom power, stereo outs, UBS connectivity, super easy to use, stacks of presets…. such an amazing unit. Perfect for the solo artist. The audio is just taken from the cameras built in mic so it’s not the best, and my vocals aren’t great, but I’m all we’ve got currently! If this thing can make me sound reasonable imagine what it will do for you!

Stagg CST Tele with P90 video demo

Little demo of this incredible value guitar. Plays and sounds like like something 2 or 3 times the price. One only of these (for now), but it just goes to show how good a guitar you can get these days for under $500. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was made in the same factory as my own $1500 guitar, which is the same colour, has the same neck pickup, and a very similar neck.

Some things about strings.

“I’ll have some guitar strings please”. Right. There is a lot to learn about guitar strings. Acoustic or electric? Steel string or nylon string? What gauge? Which brand? Phosphor Bronze or vintage bronze? If you’re buying on-line you’ll need to know what you’re after or you’ll get the wrong ones. If you’re coming into the shop, having some idea of what you need will save you some time for sure! OK, so… Acoustic guitar strings: This includes ‘Acoustic/Electric’ guitars, or acoustic guitars with a built in pickup. These guitars are often incorrectly referred to as ‘semi-acoustic’, but actually that’s something different again. An acoustic guitar with a pickup is simply an acoustic guitar, with a pickup, and takes the same strings as a normal acoustic guitar. So is it nylon or steel? This is really important. Putting steel strings on a ‘classical’ nylon string guitar is a crime almost as …

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Kurzweil MPS20F Digital Piano

This just in! An awesome new model from Kurzweil, an affordable digital piano with over 200 awesome sounds, including an amazing array of Wurlitzers and Rhodes sounds, as well as great piano and synth sounds. This piano would be fantastic for music production. Midi ins and outs, USB, stereo ins and outs, 2 track recording function, beats and rhythms, layering, and italian grand graded hammer action. RRP $1595. Come and try it out!

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