Does your guitar have its W.O.F?

Playing the guitar is a lot easier if your instrument is up to the task. Fresh strings, a good setup and a clean guitar not only make the playing experience a lot more enjoyable, it can also help you to play better. If your guitar has seen better days, bring it in for our ‘W.O.F’ service. We’ll get it road worthy again for you! We also restring and service ukuleles, banjos, mandolins, bass guitars, violins (basic setups and restrings), and more!

2 thoughts on “Does your guitar have its W.O.F?”

  1. HI Cam I was wondering whether you might be able to look at my guitar. I was given it for my 60th and it is a Martin D16 – an oldish one. But I think that one of the X braces may have come loose as it is making buzzing noises when I play it ( and I have ruled out my not so good playing) . Is this something you might be able to have a look at? If so, I can drop it up sometime at your convenience and leave it with you. Would that be a possibility. You can text me on 021414700 – probably the easiest way to contact me. Thanks
    Matt O’Byrne

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