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Digitech Vocalist Live Harmony Pedal

Quick demo of the amazing Vocalist Live Harmony pedal. This thing will loop guitar and vocals and provide backing harmonies – male or female (heaps of variations of each), 1 part, 2 parts, a third, a fifth or an octave up or down. It provides guitar effects, vocal effects – you can double your own voice and add delays, reverbs, flangers, all sorts. Phantom power, stereo outs, UBS connectivity, super easy to use, stacks of presets…. such an amazing unit. Perfect for the solo artist. The audio is just taken from the cameras built in mic so it’s not the best, and my vocals aren’t great, but I’m all we’ve got currently! If this thing can make me sound reasonable imagine what it will do for you!

The Laney Cub 10 – An unbelievable little tube amp!

I’ve been playing guitar a fair while, nearly three decades. I’ve been in music retail (on and off) for two decades. I’ve tried a lot of guitar amps, and I’m pretty fussy about my sound. The guitar amplifier is an extremely important part of that sound, it dictates the ‘flavour’ if you like. My own personal guitar amp is pretty awesome. It’s really fancy and ’boutique’ – handwired in America, and cost me just under $3000 NZD. Now the Laney Cub 10 is a bit different. It’s tiny for a start, and it’s only 10 watts, with a 10″ Celestion speaker. It’s very inexpensive for a tube amplifier. ‘A what?’ you may ask. A tube amp, or valve amp, depending on whether you’re using British or American terminology, is an amp powered by old fashion vaccuum tubes. These are little glass bottle like things like you might have found in …

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