What to look for in a keyboard or digital piano

So you want to learn piano. Or you want to replace that big, old, heavy, out-of-tune piano in your house with something more practical. A keyboard or digital piano can be a great option. They’re generally a lot lighter, cheaper, and they don’t require tuning. But where do you start? This is a guide for people who don’t know what to look for. Pic: If your old acoustic piano looks like this one it might be time for an upgrade! Why not go digital? Key points (generalised): Keyboards: lighter, generally more features, non-weighted keys, 61 -76 notes Digital pianos: 88 notes, weighted keys, more like a real piano. Electronic Pianos are basically basically broken up into two main categories: keyboards and digital pianos. There are also stage pianos, synthesizers, midi controllers and more, but for the home user just starting on their journey we’re going to focus on the first two. …

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Kurzweil MPS20F Digital Piano

This just in! An awesome new model from Kurzweil, an affordable digital piano with over 200 awesome sounds, including an amazing array of Wurlitzers and Rhodes sounds, as well as great piano and synth sounds. This piano would be fantastic for music production. Midi ins and outs, USB, stereo ins and outs, 2 track recording function, beats and rhythms, layering, and italian grand graded hammer action. RRP $1595. Come and try it out!

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